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Teen wears fake bomb to ask date to prom

A Washington teen who strapped fake explosives to his body in a stunt to ask a date to prom ha

Scottish collie behind wheel of runaway vehicle causes scare

Don the Sheepdog might want to learn a new trick: applying the brakes. The border collie inspired a traf

Sea lion pup waddles away from water, gets ride back to sea

A healthy sea lion pup that was returned to the sea by deputies after waddling a quarter‑mil

Pawscars honor top animal actors

Honoring actors brings out red carpets, couture and — sometimes — creatures.

Venezuelan president's bout with thrown mango inspires game

Two Venezuelans who emigrated to escape the country's economic woes are drawing laughs with a mobile game mocking President Nicolas Maduro for his...

China warns teacher who let student hold parasol for her

A Chinese grade school teacher was admonished Tuesday for letting a student hold a parasol for her on a school outing after photos of the incident drew...

A dozen loose buffaloes shot, killed after crossing US highway

Fifteen bison that escaped from a farm were intentionally shot and killed Friday after they dashed past...

Sex club vowing to become a church

A Nashville swingers club has undergone a conversion — it says it's now a church — in order to win city approval so it can open next to a...

Texas dogs sniff out snails in Ecuador's Galapagos

When Darwin the Labrador retriever crashed out of a service dog program for people, conservationists found him a very different sort of job: sniffing out...

China to crack down on strippers at rural funerals

Chinese officials are launching a campaign to crack down on stripteases and other lewd shows that have become popular at funerals in some rural areas, the...